gpac®™ Introduces New Talent Management Solutions

On July 1, 2013, gpac®™ began to offer Talent Management for businesses. This service will not only help attract employees, but will also develop and retain them as well. Talent Management pulls companies and employees together and creates an experience that helps employees understand their strengths and how they can leverage these strengths to better the overall performance of the company.

Managing Partner Matt Good, says that since its beginnings in 1990, gpac's primary focus has been to help companies identify, source and attract the best candidates in the industry, but as the workplace dynamic has evolved, more companies have seen the need to expand these services.

“Over the past several years, many companies started noticing an increasing amount of organizational complexity within their organizations as the stringent labor market continued to apply pressure--many of which are now taking proactive measures to put matters in their own hands because they are realizing the benefits to their bottom line,” says Good.

Good says gpac®™ has partnered with some of the best resources in the industry to deliver results at the highest level possible and that establishing a distinct advantage in the marketplace will be defined by the gpac's technology platform and resident expertise in the field of Organizational Industrial Psychology.

Dr. Jeremy Wortman, PHD, has recently been appointed as Director of Talent Management and brings over 15 years of experience working in the Talent Management industry.

The gpac®™ talent management division is powered by OMS (Organizational Management System), OMS, a leading technology in the industry, is a process that corporate managers use to make insightful, accurate decisions about people, rooted in an objective and factual understanding of human motivation and behavior in the workplace.

Assessments and tests have existed for many years, but technology and service are changing the experience,“ Good says.

“Essentially, OMS is about taking an organization’s greatest asset—their employees—and learning more about them to maximize morale, effort and production and we're confident that by offering talent management, we will take our services to a whole new level and become even more aligned with our clients.”

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