Why in the World is it so Important That We Give Back to the Community?

1st Annual “The Pac Gives Back” Charity Golf Tournament

         On August 4th, we were excited to hold our inaugural Charity Golf Event at the beautiful Bakker Crossing Golf Course in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Since our inception in 1990, we’ve prided ourselves on being a company that holds our core values very dear. We’ve been blessed along the way to grow with employees that cherish and exemplify those same values. We understand the responsibility of success, and consider it our moral obligation to take action to help those we can. We want our growth to not only benefit ourselves, but the community as a whole.

         One of the best investments that can be made in a community is the one we make in its children. These are tomorrow’s decision-makers; the very same ones to whom we will, only too shortly, be passing the torch. In order to cultivate the kind of people that we want leading and taking care of us when the time comes, we want to ensure that they have every advantage possible to lead a well-rounded life. We believe that sports are an excellent way to communicate and incorporate the foundations that tomorrow’s community leaders require in order to be truly successful in many areas.

         We are involved with recruiting and talent management every day. We recognize, even in the roughest of diamonds, the potential that exists to shine. At gpac, we believe that sports are a practical vehicle to promote and apply ideals that are vital throughout life, such as: teamwork, playing by the rules (but also knowing when a rule needs to be challenged in order for progress to occur), taking chances, finding inspiration in things that you love, being involved with others, leadership, responsibility, confidence, individuality, creativity, prudence, discernment, dedication, hard work…and the list, happily, goes on.

         Unfortunately, the reality is that not every child has the same opportunity. We wanted to do something about that; even the playing field a bit. As Talent Partner, Racheal Westoff puts it,

         “When organizations have the ability to give back to their community it benefits everyone. It allows the community to be strengthened and to surround our children with positive influences and role models. As an organization, I feel that we are able to collaborate and work together for one cause.”

         Talent Training Coordinator, Bria Berg adds, “Athletics has played such a large role in shaping the lives of several recruiters and staff at gpac. Knowing that our efforts will help others to have the same opportunities that we had as kids is very exciting! Participating in athletics is so much more than just exercise. It offers a chance to build confidence in yourself, grow skills you didn’t know you could conquer, and it teaches you discipline and respect. Sportsmanship learned at an early age helps to build better adults in the future…which in turn, creates better employees!”

         It’s this very mindset that prompted us as an organization to hold the 1st Annual “The Pac Gives Back” Charity Golf Tournament. We are so thankful to all of those that participated and came together to have fun in the name of a great cause!

         At this event we had 21 sponsors, 25 teams (100 golfers), and 25 volunteers participating. By the end, we were all able to raise $10,000 for the Sandlot Project which will benefit underprivileged children in the state of South Dakota!

         Consequently, because of the generosity of the sponsors, donators, participants and volunteers, our local children will have an opportunity to participate in sports and mentorship programs that provide a faith-based approach to competition and life. We are so grateful and honored to have been a part of a community effort to do some much-needed good, and positively impact the lives of our youth.

         Managing Director, Jason Lawrenson sums it up nicely, The best part of the golf tournament was the opportunity to gather together as a company and a community for a great day of fellowship on the golf course, while also raising much-needed funds for a great cause. We feel this is important to build relationships within the community in which we conduct business. It also provides an avenue to give back to the community while working together as a team.”

         We sincerely hope that this is the start of a great tradition of community development via proactive collaboration! If you are interested in participating next year, reach out today: (605) 367-6939

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