Why gpac is Determined to be an Example of Company Culture

        We’ve already briefly touched on the importance of Company Culture. However, as the preferred talent management solution, we feel we should elaborate on why it’s so important for both sides of the staffing coin that we represent. Managing Partner: Matt Good and Managing Director: Chad Feldman have both contributed their input as experts in the Recruiting Industry.

         Company Culture is a company’s chemistry. It is the vibe of the place contributed by each member of the team, from the newest hire to the CEO. Management in progressive organizations recognize that skills can be taught, and look more for whether a potential candidate would be a good fit within their current framework. Yes, they are looking for professionals, but do you share the same core values? Are you positive, flexible, trustworthy; a good person? Is your company? These are aspects that should be considered equally important to employers as well as potential employees.

         Matt Good shares 1 of his techniques to be able to quickly identify someone that could be a great addition to gpac. The “3 Tests” are questions that he asks himself of each candidate:

1.) If I had lunch with the Mayor, but there was an emergency situation with which I had to deal immediately, would I send this person to the lunch on my behalf?

2.) Could I trust this person to babysit my kids?

3.) Could I drive a long, lonely stretch of road and be able to easily converse with this person?


         Company Culture is a synergy. It is a reflection of its leadership. A happy worker is a more productive worker, and at gpac, we feel that the more we flourish, the better our employees will be able to provide for their families. We believe that the sum of all parts contribute to the whole. In a production-based atmosphere such as ours, it is vital for the health of the team to be surrounded by like-minded, positive folks focused on success.        

         Chad Feldman adds that activities for employees are key to mix different departments, and for its members to be able to put a face with a name often seen on an email. It is a great way to build relationships, add fun, give back and strengthen the entire unit.

“You want your employees to be engaged, happy, energetic and get results. (Company) Culture feeds all of that. It all starts in the Interview process. That’s where you deal with it, to discover if you’re even a fit.”

         Companies and candidates alike are becoming more and more aware of the growing role that Company Culture plays in the job search and staffing game. Organizations want to be able to attract and retain the brightest stars. Job seekers want to work for a company that understands their needs and makes them a priority. The best way to accomplish both goals and to make the working experience a mutually-beneficial proposition is to have a stellar Company Culture. It’s the best way to humbly demonstrate your appreciation for your employees, whilst ensuring that the future will be filled with more.

At gpac we are dedicated to our Company Culture and encourage all of our clients to do the same. We strive to place our candidates in companies where we’d be proud to work ourselves.

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