6 Tips To Get Hired In Top Construction Jobs

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Six Tips to Get Hired in Top Construction Jobs

 The construction industry is in a booming market and can offer much to those seeking employment. 

The construction industry is interested in job-seekers with backgrounds related to construction management and engineering. But they are also looking for individuals who have experience in fields such as finance, accounting, human resources and business development. A great way to find your path in this industry is to employ the services of a recruiting firm to match you with the right company. 

Here are 6 ways you can be a stand out in the construction industry:

  1.  Be Informed – Read the job description before applying to any company. It is always a great idea to have thought through your career choices and know exactly what you want.
  2. Be Specific – Tailor your information (resume, application, online profiles) to the job. Recruiting firms look for information specific to a certain type of job within the industry.
  3. Be Vigilant – Proofread your application materials. Attention to detail is a trait that the top recruiting firms for the construction industry look for in a candidate.
  4. Be a Team Player – Construction projects involve teams. Being able to work successfully with other employees is vital. Show that you are or have been part of a club or team.
  5. Be Knowledgeable – Know what’s going on in the construction industry. Be prepared with information and be able to answer questions if asked. 
  6.  Be a Problem Solver – The ability to solve problems, especially on your feet, is crucial in the construction business. Dealing with the unexpected is an ability that will set yourself apart and call attention to your critical thinking skills and possibly your leadership attributes. Have specific examples that demonstrate your practicality and common sense.

gpac can help. We prepare you even further for that perfect job by giving you a talent assessment. Managing partner Matt Good states, “Since our beginnings in 1990, GPAC’s primary focus has been to help companies identify, source and attract the best candidates in the industry. GPAC’s talent assessment will give you a competitive advantage to other job seekers and provide you with:

  • Enhanced self-awareness where you can articulate your natural talents in a positive way
  • Direction on how to confidently present yourself in an authentic manner to your current boss or hiring authority
  • Feedback on where and how to focus development action items to maximize your professional development

Competition is high for good jobs in our society so you want to do all you can do to set yourself apart and be ready to enter a career path in construction that will benefit your talents and your goals. Take the time to be ready, and let gpac show you the door to that new career.

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