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What You Need to Know About Being Fired Without Prejudice

A Case Study:            We are entering a new phase of redefining the modern workplace because of rapid technological advances. This is true in virtually every industry! No matter your occupation, someone, somewhere is creating a way to optimize current methodologies via Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation, or some combination thereof.          Many people are growi ... read more»

Why is Construction Safety So Important? This is the Critical Info You Need to Know:

         Ask anyone that’s worked for an extended period of time in the Construction Industry about accidents they’ve witnessed, and you’ll hear some doozies. When it happens to someone you know personally, it hits a little closer to home. However, it’s when you can actually see the effects of the accident on the victims themselves (or in many cases, the family they’ve left behind), that the gravity of ... read more»

Why in the World is it so Important That We Give Back to the Community?

1st Annual “The Pac Gives Back” Charity Golf Tournament          On August 4th, we were excited to hold our inaugural Charity Golf Event at the beautiful Bakker Crossing Golf Course in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Since our inception in 1990, we’ve prided ourselves on being a company that holds our core values very dear. We’ve been blessed along the way to grow with employees that cherish and exemplify those ... read more»

How To Really Follow Up Like a Professional After an Amazing Job Interview

     You arrived at your interview a few minutes early. You asked insightful questions, dressed well, created a rapport between you and those with whom you interviewed. Your resume is sharp, and you even highlighted the reasons why you’d be an asset to their organization without coming off as arrogant. You’ve got a really good feeling about this one. Now what?      This is a situation that all jobseekers face at one po ... read more»

Why gpac is Determined to be an Example of Company Culture

        We’ve already briefly touched on the importance of Company Culture. However, as the preferred talent management solution, we feel we should elaborate on why it’s so important for both sides of the staffing coin that we represent. Managing Partner: Matt Good and Managing Director: Chad Feldman have both contributed their input as experts in the Recruiting Industry.          Com ... read more»

gpac's Growth is Great News for Everyone

We’re happy to announce our expansion! So why, exactly, is that good news for everyone? Matt Good, gpac’s Managing Partner, was able to shed some light: “We believe that, in life, you are either going forward or backward, and growth is one of our non-negotiables.” The expansion, which sees gpac adding space conveniently located by its main building, is really exciting for everyone involved. It’s not only a physical expansion, but also one ... read more»

Dressing Well for the Interview

“First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.”—Elliott Abrams One of the most important first impressions you will ever make is that moment when you walk into an interview. It is wise to put as much thought into what you will wear, as you did in compiling and typing out your resume. Here are some tips: Spend time on the Internet researching the company, industry and competitors to dete ... read more»

Three Signs that Collaboration in the Workplace is on the Rise

In the past, going to your job meant going to a place where your individual skills were highlighted as the main purpose of your work. Everyone did their part and together, the work was completed. People went to their offices, closed the door and worked hard. The times are changing. Today, our society has shifted to the concept of team-work being the most vital aspect of every office. Let’s look at three signs that collaboration in the workplace is on the rise: ... read more»

The Importance of Company Culture in the Work Force of Today

A company’s culture is its personality and its DNA. It is the values and the priorities that make the company unique. Products and services can be duplicated, but a company’s culture is distinctive. Most Americans do not look for a job solely based on a company’s culture. Salary, hours and benefits are much more important. But when an employee is settled into his job, company culture becomes paramount. It is the reason for workers to have a sense of pr ... read more»

Be Prepared to Be Your Best During Video Interviews

As technology becomes better, faster, and easier, the work force changes. A current trend is the use of video to interview. It’s less expensive because companies don’t have to reimburse travel expenses. It’s quicker because it can be done from the office or home so no need to plan the time it will take to travel. It’s easy to show the video to other company officials who may have missed the interview but want to have a say in who’s hire ... read more»

Body Language for Your Interviews

At GPAC, Growing Companies and People, we want to connect you with the perfect interview and position so that you can soar in the career of your choice. This process begins before we have set up even one interview for you. It starts now, in how you prepare yourself for an interview. We have found that a significant component of an interview is body language. Here are some do’s and don’ts for your interviews so we can match you up with that perfect job: DON ... read more»

Four Factors that Make a Great Company

Every one of us would aspire to work at or create a “great” company. But what does that mean? Like beauty, greatness can be found in the eye of the beholder, or rather, employer. Many entrepreneurs and CEOs agree that the following four factors can be the foundation of a great company:  1.      Meeting the Customer’s Need Every great idea for a company originates by trying to meet a felt need of a consumer. This is founda ... read more»

The Wolf Pack of gpac

Wolfpack – a group of people or things that operate as a hunting and attacking pack. A wolf pack is an apt symbolic name for a group of people who have a singular purpose and a united desire to accomplish that purpose. gpac is that kind of group. In the past, a company would have a common strategy to achieve an end, but the workers in the company would have individual jobs and commitments. In today’s business world, teams of people who collaborate on proj ... read more»

Eight Reasons to Use a Top Agricultural Recruiter for your Job Search

  1. Recruiters are trusted resources. From food science to agribusiness management, recruiters who specialize in agricultural careers are trusted within the industry. When trying to find that perfect job, increase your likelihood of rewarding employment by using those who are favorites in the industry. 2. Recruiters have access to the “hidden” jobs. Many companies use recruiters that they have partnered with in the past. These agricultural recruiter ... read more»

6 Tips To Get Hired In Top Construction Jobs

Six Tips to Get Hired in Top Construction Jobs  The construction industry is in a booming market and can offer much to those seeking employment.  The construction industry is interested in job-seekers with backgrounds related to construction management and engineering. But they are also looking for individuals who have experience in fields such as finance, accounting, human resources and business development. A great way to find your path in this industry i ... read more»

gpac®™ Introduces New Talent Management Solutions

On July 1, 2013, gpac®™ began to offer Talent Management for businesses. This service will not only help attract employees, but will also develop and retain them as well. Talent Management pulls companies and employees together and creates an experience that helps employees understand their strengths and how they can leverage these strengths to better the overall performance of the company. Managing Partner Matt Good, says that since its beginnings in 199 ... read more»

the new gpac®™

January 28, 2013. Management Recruiters of Sioux Falls, LLP to operate under the name gpac. "While we remain the same company with the same core values and same service offerings, we feel the timing is right to create our own identity," explains company partner, Matt Good.  "As our quest continues to be the preferred partner in helping organizations face and conquer a steadily increasing gap for top talent, we wanted a brand that would set us apart and accurately ... read more»

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