the gpac®™ name

The gpac®™ name and logo has four significant meanings

  • The red ‘g’ represents growth.  Red is a strong color intended to always remind us of the action, strength and courage that is needed to succeed in business.  It is the color of blood, and has a strong essence of life, vitality and living with emphasis on survival. It is also a tribute to the last name of the founders and owners of our business, the Good family. Without the vision and risk they took 28 years ago, our organization would not exist today.  
  • The letters ‘pac’, pronounced ‘pack’, represent the togetherness and teamwork we embrace everyday.  We embrace it with one another, our clients and candidates all alike. 
  • The logo is an abstract of a wolf.  We feel the nature and mode of operation of our profession has a lot of parallels with a wolf pack.  What makes wolves such successful hunters and survivors is their teamwork and ability to look after one another.  As a group there is strength in numbers, a sense of togetherness and the pack members benefit from one another.  We feel we have this loyalty with not only our gpac®™ team, but also with our clients and candidates.  In our competitive landscape, a lone wolf can potentially survive, but a pack is built for long-term sustainability.
  • When you put it all together: the four letters are an acronym describing exactly what it is we do:
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