Because of the competitive nature of our industry, we aim to separate ourselves from the rest by:


We’ve learned from our clients that the top two frustrations working with recruiters are: (1) They deliver the wrong type of talent, and (2) They fail to follow-up after investing substantial time going over a client’s needs.


Good positions don’t last long, and the best candidates last even less.  In our world, immediacy is essential.


Speed is important, but equally important is quality.  We are a hard group of people to please from an internal operational standpoint.  We demand excellence.  We remain constructively discontent and while we are human and there will always be some margin for error, we have a quest for excellence that doesn’t stop.


We expect our clients to be satisfied.  For this to happen we need to allow you to be heard.  Comments are encouraged with our open-door policy.  Our online survey is also an opportunity for our clients to help us continue to improve.


Value is priority.  In the business world, economics come into play and financially things need to simply make sense.  There must be ROI.  We place the top 20% of people; those who generally account for 80% of the results inside most organizations.  When a success placement happens, there is ROI in a matter of months, if not weeks for most of our clients.

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